Liber8 Academy Resources

Welcome to the Liber8 Academy.

You are working on a 12 month programme to take you through the following steps:

  • Determine the purpose and end goal for your business, including your exit strategy
  • Build a clear end picture
  • Create a milestone map to get there
  • Create a 12 month business plan to get to the first milestone
  • Create an activities plan to ensure you take action

You will be working with the support of your mentor to do this.

Resource Library
From here you have access to the Liber8 Resources folder which contains the exercise sheets we use and other useful documents.


Contents include the following exercise handouts:

  • Working out your end value
  • Painting your end picture
  • Milestone planning
  • Developing your annual business plan
  • Activities planning

You will also be given access to your own dropbox folder where we will file all working document, enabling access to both you and your mentor at any time.

Enjoy the programme