Advisory Board

When it’s time to get an Advisory Board,
it’s important to get it right.

If done right, an Advisory Board can be an incredibly valuable way to help with your business growth. It can also be a waste of time and energy if not done right. You need to know why, when and how before you jump in.

Take a look at the video series below if you’re not sure totally sure of how to derive maximum value from an Advisory Board.

How to create a successful Advisory Board
Tip series with Laura Humphreys

Tip 1. Understand what an Advisory Board is

Tip 2. Understand your why

Tip 3. Know when you are ready

Tip 4. Choose carefully

Tip 5. Make it formal not casual

Tip 6. Be willing and able to pay

Tip 7. Always have outside advice

Bonus tip: The difference between a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board

Advisory Programmes

If you know you want to form an Advisory Board, we can help:

Growth Plan Programme

An Advisory Board can help you most if you have some traction and some clarity about where you want to grow the business. They can then challenge and add value to your plans quickly before moving into giving you the right support to execute on the plan. If you feel you still need help to work out your direction and create a strategic overview for the business, we can help. The Growth Plan Programme is a series of one on one workshops over a 3 – 6 month period to create your strategic growth plan. This will give you the strategic direction you need to a) choose the right people for your Advisory and b) know what you need from them once you get started.

Advisory Board Coaching

A quick one on one workshop to get take you through the basics of how to set up an Advisory board, including who to choose, what sort of structure and how to run meetings.

Advisory Member

If you are ready to start your Advisory Board as soon as possible and you’re keen to talk about this, contact us below to have a chat.

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