The purpose of a business
is to set its owner free

Liber8 Your Business is all about creating a valuable, scalable and ultimately, saleable business.

It consists of advisory programmes and products created by entrepreneur and author Laura Humphreys, designed specifically for business owners who want to see their business grow into healthy sustainable entities that can thrive independently of their owner.

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More about Laura

Laura HumphreysLaura Humphreys started working life as a secretary in an advertising agency. She went on to create her own award winning ad agency, which she built from scratch to billings in excess of $15 million and sold to the Ogilvy Group after just 9 years.

Her next business, Pet Angels, a highly systemized pet care business grew to 150 employees across NZ and sold to a competitor after 6 years.

Now an author and business advisor, Laura spends her time helping other business owners create valuable, scalable and saleable businesses. Laura’s passion is seeing business owners move beyond owner dependency into valuable businesses that can really make a difference.

It’s time to build the most valuable business possible!

If you are a business owner and you tick one or more of the following boxes, we can help. Are you:

  • ☑ Ready to grow but not totally sure what the next best move is
  • ☑ Full of passion but needing more direction
  • ☑ Or feeling exhausted and wanting to get your mojo back
  • ☑ Wanting to build a more leveraged business model
  • ☑ Keen to plan your exit strategy
  • ☑ Willing and able to invest in experienced advice
  • ☑ Wanting to create your first Advisory Board

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