Liber8 your Business

Never has there been a more practical
guide to planning and building the
business you really want.

  • Liber8 your Business
  • According to businesswoman and author, Laura Humphreys, ‘A business is not meant to be a life sentence. Like all good stories, it should have an exciting beginning, an enjoyable middle and a happy ending’.
    But how many business owners approach their business with the end in mind?
    Until now, the answer would be very few. Most are too busy ‘doing it’ to think about what they are ‘doing it for’. But there is a new generation of business owners emerging. Once you’ve read this book you will be among the enlightened. You will never think about your business the same way again. And you will be on the road to financial freedom through business.


The perfect companion – The Liber8 your Business Workbook

  • Workbook
  • Liber8 your Business is packed full of practical exercises – showing you how to design your exit strategy; create a clear end picture; work backwards with key milestones and then implement the most practical action plan ever. The companion workbook will help you keep all your workings in one place, for review and on-going development of your thinking.

  • About the author

    Laura Humphreys

    Laura Humphreys started her working career as a secretary. She went on to build and sell a number of businesses, using a formula that she now teaches business owners around the world. Laura’s business and life journey has been full of highs and lows, her lessons well learned and her stories full of experience. Laura says, ‘if a secretary can build a multi million dollar business, anyone can’. Her first book, Liber8 Your Business, shows you how to apply Laura’s formula right now to build a business that will ultimately bring you the financial freedom you deserve.

  • What the masters are saying:

    ‘This book is the book every small business owner should read. Laura practices what she preaches. She candidly tells it like it is– the good, the bad and the ugly. Laura is an accomplished entrepreneur and a true “Rich Woman”. Her story and business blueprint will change the way you approach business.’

    Robert Kiyosaki
    Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

    ‘As Laura says so eloquently in this delightful book, and as Nike says so well, read it, and just do it — Every small business owner should!’

    Michael E. Gerber
    NY Times Best Selling Author of The E-Myth