Your business is like a shed!

November 23, 2010Post by Laura Humphreys

 Consider this… if you were going to build a shed in the garden, how would you approach it?  You would have a clear picture of what the shed is supposed to look like right?  And you would get a plan together of how to build it so that it was exactly what you wanted.  You would get the right materials and the right tools. And if you weren’t confident in some areas of the process, you would get a team of people to help you.  Right?

So I ask you this… why don’t business owners plan their business the same way?  Its the same principles.  If you have a clear idea of what the end result looks like and a clear plan of the steps, the process and the team required to make it  happen… you have a better chance of success.

At liber8yourbusiness we are teaching business owners to view their business as a project.  Albeit quite a long project, it make take up to 10 years to build your ‘shed’ but like any project, if you know the end result you are looking for, you will are very likely to put the right plan in place to get there.  Many business owners decide to start a business.  And they do just that.  They start something with no idea where the end goal is or what the end goal even looks like.   Crazy in my view.  That’s why I’m on a mission to change the way business owners view business.

Check out my new website at and take a sneak preview inside the liber8yourbusiness Online Seminar Room. And if you a ready to build a picture of the business you are building in the future, thereby significantly increasing your chances of getting there… join the programme!