Where there’s a need, there’s a great idea…

November 7, 2011Post by Laura Humphreys

I met a very cool lady at a Venus Network meeting last week, and then saw her win an award at the Bright Ideas Gala evening in Wellington, then again in today’s Dominion Post:  http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/business/5918966/Bright-Idea-winner-helps-heal-tattoos

Gillian Parkinson is an aromatologist, using essential oils to treat all sorts of conditions.  But unlike many owner operators with specialist talents, Gillian is going to create wealth for herself by creating a product that’s truly needed and wanted.  Tinkture Tattoo After Care is pretty much what it’s name says it is.  A solution to heal your skin after a tattoo.  Apparently having a tattoo can cause chaos.  All sorts of skin issues can erupt and make you quite sick and sore.  I’ve never had a tattoo and am unlikely too now (I am kind of glad I never got that strawberry on my buttock though as I head towards 50!!) but the tattoo industry is growing fast.  Gillian has some tattoos which is how she discovered how poor the after care solutions were that were being offered.  After some horrible swelling and rashes she made her own solution and was amazed how quickly her skin healed after her next tattoo.  So now she has Tinkture Tattoo After Care and a world of pretty painted people at her feet.

Critical for Gillian now are all important business strategies such as a great brand and a sexy marketing plan to tap into this fast growing niche.  The journey from here isn’t guaranteed by any means, but what I love about Gillian’s idea is that it is an idea in response to a problem.  So many people have an idea then go looking for a market.  But an idea that meets an existing frustration in a growing market… just has to have a better chance at success.

Well done Gillian.  And all the other winners at the Bright Ideas Challenge Awards Gala.  Including my friend Angela of Hello Dolly who was a finalist.  You have to admire clever people who put it out there and put their ideas to the test.