When is the right time to hire an admin person?

February 10, 2011Post by Laura Humphreys

Here’s a question I get asked a lot when I’m working with small business/owner-operators.  When is the right time to get help with the admin side of my business?  My answer is always ‘NOW!’  Even if you can’t afford it.  If you paid someone $20 per hour to do the stuff that you are spending say 10 hours a week on, that’s $200 per week or approximately $800 per month.  If you also disciplined yourself to spend those 10 spare hours you now have on sales, making sales calls, writing sales emails and letters, thinking of new and creative ways to grow your business… you will find (I promise) that within 6 months you will be bringing in WAY more than $800 per month in additional business.

Generalised principle of business… business owners should NOT spend their income generating time during the day on ADMIN!  If you have to do it, do it at night and spend your days selling.  Even better, hire someone else to do it and spend your evenings living the life you hoped your business would bring you!