What is the purpose of an entrepreneur?

August 31, 2010Post by Laura Humphreys

Lovely interview with Hans Schuitman of Shape Technology in DomPost today. The introduction of robotics to his technology company has increased productivity by 80% in 12 months. But rather than replacing human beings, robots have created a 15% increase in his 90 strong workforce.

This is a 14 year old company that has embraced technology to the max and now designs and manufactures technology components and products for the electronics industry… which are marketed globally. Hans, an immigrant to New Zealand who quit school at age 14, is confident his company can be a $100 million business if they employ a full-time prototype maker.

But what makes it such an inspiring interview is Hans’ attitude. I love his answer to the question, why did you become an entrepreneur?

“To me, an entrepreneur is someone who makes a difference and reshapes our world to make it better for all and who creates and provides real wealth for others”.

Well said Hans. I agree wholeheartedly!