Undercover Boss Addiction

August 24, 2010Post by Laura Humphreys

OK I admit it, I get addicted to certain TV series. And now with MySky, I can set them on repeat record and before I know it I have a whole afternoon’s worth of viewing. I admit, Desperate Housewives and Gray’s Anatomy are not related to my commitment to helping business owners achieve wealth through business. But my latest sick addiction does have some relevance. Have you watched Undercover Boss?? I love it! Owners of large companies in USA go undercover as a rogue employee to learn more about their own business. And boy, do they learn! They work the coal front, do the menial jobs and find out what amazing people work in their companies. I’ve only watched it three times, and each time the ‘Boss’ has had tears in their eyes as they recount their experience at the front line. The people they have working for them are typically overcoming difficult personal circumstances – the solo mother with dyslexic child, the breadwinner coping after the family house burnt down, the recovering alcoholic… the people had stories and the boss go to know them as people. The result in each and every case was a business owner inspired to create better working conditions for their biggest asset…. their people. Call me a sucker (I am when it comes to caring for people who work hard for a business owner)… but I love this corny TV production. It shows the better side of human nature and the need to recognise that people grow wealth for a business owner and their worth should never be underestimated.