Try this, it’s fun… colorology tells me I’m born to be a writer!

April 18, 2012Post by Laura Humphreys

I got up at 3.30am because my mind was going crazy. I couldn’t sleep so I got up to work on my book.  Couldn’t resist a quick peek at Facebook and came across this  It’s a site from Pantone* which tells you your personal birth colour and how this reflects your personality.  I know, I know… flakey as right?  However at 3.30am, when the world is dark and quiet, you feel more open to such things.  So I entered my birthday to see what would happen.

What it told me during the wee small hours was quite freaky.  My personal birth colour is zephyr (a pale purple).  Then it said that many people born on this day have a propensity for writing and my mind is very active (remember why I couldn’t sleep) so it is important to communicate both creatively and physically.

It also told me my four key words are intelligent (naturally), writer (yes), financial (teaching financial freedom through business) and protection (not sure about this one)….

So flakey as it is, it seemed to know me quite well!  Go on, give it a go….

* Pantone is a clever company which over 40 years ago revolutionalised the graphic design business by creating a colour matching system for designers and printers to ensure colours were consistent from design to print.