Traits of the Rich & Free #7 – Determination

August 13, 2010Post by Laura Humphreys

There is no doubt that you have to be determined to succeed in business, or indeed in any field of endeavour. You have to believe in your ability to succeed and just keep on going. In previous traits we discussed the need to have a vision, goals, plan and the willingness to take action. In the words of Rod Drury, CEO of Xero, you have to ‘execute your strategy ruthlessly’. To do this you need to be determined. The day to day of running your own business can be hard work. Decisions have to be made, sometimes they are not easy decisions. Stress can compound. You will make mistakes and go to bed feeling worried about the consequences if these mistakes. You will get tired and sick. Sometimes you just plain won’t want to carry on. No matter what people say, being a business owner is not always easy. When the going gets tough, that clear vision will give you a brightness of the future that reminds you why you want to continue. But its your spirit of determination that will get you out of bed to face another day!