Traits of the Rich and Free #9 – Wealth Positive not Money Negative

December 13, 2010Post by Laura Humphreys

Having a good relationship with money and believing in your right to be wealthy are critical factors for very successful entrepreneurs.  Business is about wealth creation. It is about building an asset that will ultimately feed you passive income, either when you sell and are able to wisely invest the capital gained… or by building a business that generates great returns for you the owner, above and beyond the salary it feeds you.  One of the things I ask clients in the liber8yourbusiness programme to do early on is to question their own attitudes towards money.  Many of us today grew up in environments where working hard to get a good job were the primary motivators.  We were not taught to think about money, investment, building wealth. I was very fortunate to grow up in an entrepreneurial environment, where I saw us go from a realatively poor family to a wealthy family as my father’s business became more successful.  I don’t recall my father ever talking to me about business or his beliefs about money, but following his example became second nature to both my brother and I – neither of whom have been employed by anyone but ourselves for most of our working life.

It is important to understand your attitude to being wealthy when you are in business. You have to want to be wealthy and feel that there is nothing wrong with having a lot of money.  The reality as I see it is that it is those with wealth who have the most power.  And if that power is used well it can be of great benefit to others, not just yourself.  You can make a bigger difference to the world if you are not struggling to pay your bills each month. Wealth buys you freedom and the ability to give back to the world without worrying about your own survival.

Robert Kiyosaki defines wealth as the number of days forward you could maintain your current standard of living without working.  How many days is that for you?