Thou shalt not interrupt!

August 20, 2011Post by Laura Humphreys

Reading Tim Ferriss The 4-Hour Work Week at the moment.  Am about to adopt one piece of advice as of Monday.  As Tim points out email is the greatest single interruption in the modern world.  How many times have you sat down with your to do list for the day only to find its midday before you’ve finished answering all your emails and dealing with the issues that seem to spring out of the email world?  Nearly every day right?  But no more for me.  Tim recommends that you turn off your audible email alert and the automatic send/receive which pop up on your screen as you work.  Then clear email twice a day only.  Once at midday and again at 4pm.  He says never to check email first thing in the morning but rather spend the time before 11am completing your most important task for the day.  Brilliant!  Then you create an e-mail autoresponse that comes up whenever someone emails you telling people when you clear your emails and asking them to text if its urgent.  He even gives you sample copy for your auto reply email.

So here I go …  I’m already excited by how much more productive my days are going to be!

PS. You can buy The 4-Hour Work Week at the Liber8store, just scroll down from this blog and click on the button…