The best testimonial ever!

September 30, 2012Post by Laura Humphreys

One of my last online members raced through the programme in record time and sent me an email to tell me how he’d found it.  If you haven’t done it and ever wondered what its about… read on.  Brynn says it much better than me:

Hi Laura!

I just completed your online course.  I found it really valuable and have already recommended it to friends. I thought you might like to know the bits that helped me:

  1. Team Structure.  I’m in the process of restructuring my team so I don’t have to work in my company.  Seeing how you structured Red Rocks and grew your team has helped me identify what additional staff I need to replace me.
  2. Annual Business Plan. I already have 12 month and 5 year business goals but they weren’t based on budget or EBIT goals.  I’m changing that.
  3. Vision and Goals. We already have Vision and Goals but they weren’t linked to our brand as demonstrated by Steve Bailey in Seminar 6.  We’re now going to go through Steve’s brand development process.
  4. Systems. I’m a strong believer in systems and I’ve automated most of my business but what your course revealed is that I have weak training processes.  I’ll fix that.
  5. Competitive Pitch.  I’ve never had to pitch for larger projects ($200K +).  They get offered to me by friends that need our specialist skills.  However what that also meant is I didn’t know how to pitch for large projects and we only got what was offered to us. Now I’m more confident that I can put together a “top 50” and try to win them as clients.
  6. Presentations. I’ve been developing courses and presentations for more than a decade but after seeing Olivia and Tony’s process I want to rewrite all my presentations.
  7. Interviews. Being able to listen to successful people (mostly kiwis) talk about how they succeeded and what they think is important is invaluable.  
  8. All encompassing.  Your course presents many topics (sales, HR, marketing, strategy, etc.) through practical examples that anyone can understand.  This is probably the biggest thing that differentiates it from other courses.

Those are the main items I got from the course but there’s plenty of other “jewels”.  My next plan is draw your course as a structure and then add my business and processes into it so it becomes the blueprint for the “Spinning Planet machine”
Thanks for the course.  One of the best I’ve done. Brynn.

Thanks to you Brynn.  One of the best testimonials I’ve seen.  Look forward to hearing more about Spinning Planet success!

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