Business Mentoring Tip #46 – Have a plan and execute it

A simple tip today. Just some advice I have a very good friend as he left for the airport today. How do you take your business to the next level? Work out a plan… for new business, for growing existing clients, for building the best team, for keeping your margins as high as possible…. then…. EXECUTE IT!

Guest business mentor tips – 10 things you need to know about sales this week

Look out for regular guest mentor tips from now on as I call upon experts from all specialist fields of business to share their top tips with you. Today I welcome these tips on sales from one of the best sales people I know, Mike Brunel.

10 things you need to know about sales this week….

1. Everyone is a salesperson. Everyone is in sales, we just do not realise it. Have you ever tried to convince your partner that you want chinese food and she or he wants Italian? Whoever wins that discussion employs all the skills that great salespeople use.
2. Presenting face to face is better than doing it by email. Do not hide behind email, get out and meet your customers, face to face selling is not dead. Email is often an easy way to hear a no from a client.
3. Closing is never over until your client dies or goes out of business. Closing a sale is really the beginning of a sale, unless you are in the business like selling TV and electronic products where you may never see the client, the sale actually begins when the client says YES.
4. There is no such thing as a No- think of it as a KNOW- the client wants to know more. Too many salespeople give up after the first no… All your client is saying to you is… I want to know more.
5. Telling your clients that you are the best is not their concern- solving their problem is. So many sales people think it is about them. Big mistake. It’s about the customer stupid!
6. People want the unusual-are you? What makes you any different from the 50 salespeople your clients see every week? What makes you different?
7. Wealth is in the list. Work your client list; the regulars are the first to target with up sells and your lapsed clients next.
8. You will not win if you follow the crowd. If you are in too broad category you will be like everyone else. What make you the best in your field?
9. Cheating in school is call marketing in the real world. Learn from others, if there is a good idea you think you can use from another field adapt it and then use for your industry.
10. Sit with your client or vendor for the day and see how they do it. When was the last time you went out with your client, or worked in their store for the day, or ran a focus group with your clients if you own a business?
Mike Brunel is a director of a number of companies both in New Zealand and worldwide which specialise in generating sales revenue for television newspaper and radio stations. NRS Media operates in over 65 markets throughout New Zealand, Australia, US, Canada and Europe. Their simple sales concepts have generated in excess of US$900 million.
Mike is a phenomenal sales person, as well as a stimulating and relatable trainer.
Contact him at
Mike offers a limited private consultancy for select clients. For more information contact

From the desk of liber8yourbusiness.  Business mentors and experts in small business exit strategies.  Based in Wellington, New Zealand

Watch #Sir Richard Branson talk about #Screw Business as Usual

“Do good, have fun and the money will come”. So says Sir Richard Branson. We are in the new era of business, where the lines between work and purpose are merging into one. Where all businesses need to be thinking about how they can become a force for good. I love this. Take a look at the video, buy the book. And let me know how your business is making a difference.

From the desk of liber8yourbusiness. Business mentors and experts in small business exit strategies. Based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Business Mentor Tip #41 – Don’t be afraid to say no

Being in business can make you a real ‘yes’ man/woman.  Yes to any new business that comes your way.  Yes to whatever your demanding clients demand of you.  Yes to the staff member who needs a day off on your busiest day of the year.  But remember, good business is about quality.  You want quality clients, not just any old idiot who wants to do business with you.  Say NO to small budgets, teeny projects that you know you’ll lose money on, bad briefs, ridiculous deadlines.  Say YES to quality clients, quality communication, good budgets… in effect, say YES to good relationships… with clients and staff alike. Your business will grow in value the more you respect your offering.  Don’t sell yourself cheap!

Business mentor tip #39 – Grasp the trends

I think Bob Dylan said it best, “The times they are a changing”… and ironically this fundamental truth hasn’t changed. Change is inevitable, I’m sure you are aware of it yourself… how fast things are changing these days.  Just look at social media, just when you think you’ve got the hang of Facebook and Twitter, someone comes up with Pinterest and you’ve got to start learning all over again!

This is just an example of clever people, backed by people with money, jumping onto fast moving trends that force us all to throw ourselves into it just so we don’t miss out.

A key factor in business success these days is your ability to spot a trend and steer your business towards it.  For example, a key trend I’ve always been aware of is being championed by Sir Richard Branson … businesses as a force for good.  Businesses that are making a genuine difference to some significant problem on our planet will be in the right space for today’s consumers.  Trends coming up will be around the needs people have, whether on a global scale such as the environment and worldwide food shortages, or on a more personal level such as the massive shift towards online retail over traditional retail.  If you sell something, you pretty much have to sell it online… and to the right hardware, be it pads, androids, pcs… it’s changing all the time!  We are all coming to accept this reality more and more.

But what other trends are happening that could impact your business?  And how can you use a trend to your advantage?  Do you need to re-engineer any aspect of your business to be ready for an impending trend?

Let me know what trends you see coming…

Business Mentor Tip # 34 – Don’t pray and spray your PR!

Here’s a top tip from one of New Zealand’s most savvy PR consultants, Bridgette Paton-Tapsell of Village PR and Marketing :

When you send your news releases to media, don’t be afraid to follow up the journalists with a phone call. Media get bombarded with media releases and sometimes even fantastic stories get shelved for later, then unintentionally lost in email space.  Don’t pray and spray with news releases.  Determine the outcome with a well-timed, persuasive and succient follow up call. And if they say no, make sure you find out why the story was rejected, to learn if you need to make improvements.

Thanks Bridgette, great to grab a top tip from an expert – I’ve certainly been guilty of not following up press releases before.  No more though!

If you have a top tip from your area of expertise you’d like to share with liber8yourbusiness followers, please email it to me at

From the desk of liber8yourbusiness.  Business mentors and experts in exit strategies for small business.  Based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Business Mentor Tip # 33 – Become a deal maker

Here’s your mantra for 2012… “I am a deal maker, I will close the sale”.  View yourself as a deal maker when you embark on any new business campaign.  When you go to a meeting with a prospect, or client you know could spend more with you, think about doing a deal.  This means finding out what their needs are and offering them something that will allow you to close the deal quickly.  Say you find out they are worried about price increases… then offer to hold their price for two years if they sign up today.  Whatever their needs, whatever your offer, promise yourself this year that you will not walk away without a deal being done.

Go Deal Maker!

Business Mentoring Tip # 31 – Education is the key to success…

I’ve decided to start numbering my business mentoring tips to make sure I get to 100 before I stop.  So here’s number tip number 31…

If you know any very successful business people you may have observed something they all have in common… they all continue to educate themselves.  I’ll bet you anything, Bill Gates reads business books and watches business videos,  talk business with other very successful business people.   Just because they are at the top of their game doesn’t stop them learning.   So what about you?  What are you reading right now?  What seminars are you going to?  What courses are you subscribing to?  What blogs have you signed up for?  There is so much great information out there…

Here’s the tip. Make a promise to yourself to have two books on the go at any given time.  One for pleasure to relax you and one for business to enrich you.  If you are not sure what to read start with Micheal Gerber’s The E Myth.  Only until my book The Liber8 Factor comes out… then you will want to be reading that!!!

Let me know your favourite business book…

From the desk of liber8yourbusiness. Small business mentors and experts in exit strategies for small business.  Based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Business mentor tip for 2012… Be clear on your purpose

Happy New Year to you!  I’m still officially on holiday and will be until the end of January (since I promised myself a few years ago that I would set up my businesses and life to allow me to take a month off every January and every July).   But I can’t resist checking in and sharing something I thought you might find useful at the beginning of the year.  In between the long lunches and afternoon naps, I am thinking about the year ahead and formulating my goals for the year quietly in  my head.  In the next few days I’ll share some of my goal setting techiques with you, but today I thought I’d do a quick blog about the the importance of having a purpose.

I have often been called an over-achiever and mostly I take this as a compliment.  It is said with goodwill I know, as people form their opinions about me from the things I’ve achieved as well as the sort of person I appear to be.  It’s true that I have done alright in some areas, because one of my main strengths is an ability to set ambitious goals and work out how to achieve them.

But there is a down side to being someone who likes to achieve.  In the past I have been guilty of working too hard and getting my priorities all mixed up.  I have experienced burn out and depression due to stress and I’ve also neglected my relationships with friends and family in  my pursuit of success.

A while ago I made a promise to myself to keep my priorities in check and to ensure my life was worthwhile across all the important areas, not just business and wealth creation.  To keep me focused on what is important I came up with what I call my life purpose, my mantra, my reason for being… to remind myself, when I sit down to set my goals each year, that I only get one life and it is a gift not to be taken for granted.

Here’s my purpose in one simple sentence:

“To live a wealthy, healthy, happy life whilst making a difference to as many people as I can”

This sentence encompasses the things that are important to me – health, wealth, happiness and contribution… to those I love and those I can help with my own talents and experiences.

When I set my goals for the year I will write this sentence at the top of the page to ensure I have goals that encompass all that is important in life.

Maybe as you start this new year, with so much chaos going in the world, you can think about your purpose too.   Can you come up with a sentence that will keep you focused on doing justice to this life you’ve been blessed with?

Daily Business Mentor Tip – Your business owes you a break

Your business owes you big time.  For all your hard work.  For the years it hasn’t paid you enough.  For the stress it brings you.  For the times it’s kept you away from your loved ones.  For the extra wrinkles and the few kilos you’ve gained from not having time to go to the gym!   Oh yes, it owes you big time.   And now is the time to cash in that IOU.  Only 4 sleeps until Christmas Day.  It’s nearly time to take a well deserved break.  You MUST take a holiday.  You are not good to anyone if you are tired, stressed and physically and emotionally exhausted.  Rest up large over the holidays.  You owe it to yourself and your business owes it to you.

From the desk of liber8yourbusiness.  Small business mentors and experts in exit strategies.  Based in Wellington, New Zealand