Business mentoring tip #56 – Make your favourite customer go “WOW!”

Rarely does a great business person sit for long inside their comfort zone.  Doing what you are comfortable with every day will inevitably lead to complacency.  When you are complacent things start to go wrong.  Someone else will come along with a better offer.  Your customers will no longer feel special.

The world around you will change, this much you can guarantee.  And it can be very uncomfortable indeed when you are forced out of your comfort zone by external events… such as your biggest customer leaving you.  “But what did I do wrong?” you will cry.  And all they will be able to say is, “you didn’t do anything wrong, you just stopped doing everything right.  I didn’t feel special any more”.

Don’t risk complacency with your favourite customers.  Think of something you could do right now to make them feel special.  Do something today that will make them go “wow”…. then make that part of your comfort zone.   Do this at least every six months and not only will your comfort zone grow… you will be building an amazing ‘wow’ factor into your culture that will make you, your team and your customers feel great.

From the desk of liber8yourbusiness.  Business mentors and experts in small business exit strategies.  Based in Wellington New Zealand.