Success is a decision – but are you prepared to make it?

March 8, 2013Post by Laura Humphreys

sam hazledineLast week I interviewed Ernst & Young’s 2012 Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Dr Sam Hazledine.  His business Medrecruit was started from nothing six years ago and has featured for the past four consecutive years in the Deloitte Fast 50, as well as winning Westpac Business Excellence Medium-Large
Business 2012.

Among other things I asked Sam what he thought stopped some business owners growing their business to it’s full potential.  His answer was that success is a decision and too many business owners simply do not decide to succeed.  They give themselves an out, he told me.  They make excuses, get themselves a part time job to pay bills or settle for less so that they don’t have to put it all on the line.  By doing so, according to Dr Sam, they make it too easy not to grow.

Business success according to Sam is 20% what you do and 80% how you think.

Think about it.  What do you think about success.  Have you made the decision to grow and succeed, or is failure to grow a genuine option for you?

Love to know your thoughts on this.

If you’d like to read the full interview with Dr Sam Hazledine, grab a copy of this month’s NZBusiness Magazine and look for my regular column entitled The Exit Factor.

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