Sexy machine, sexy business, sexy model… it’s a winner!

October 13, 2011Post by Laura Humphreys

I love great business models.  Here’s a simple one, yet technically so right on many different levels.

It’s Nespresso, maker of coffee machines.  My mum in UK has one and I fell in love with the taste of the coffee and the simplicity of the making of said coffee every morning when staying with my mum for a month recently.  Believe me, the cafe culture we enjoy in good ol’ Wellington NZ has not yet reached Milton Keynes.  The coffee in all cafes is …. blah!  As I said to mother one morning after my run, “the best coffee on this trip so far is found every morning in your kitchen”.  God bless the Nespresso machine.

So I decided to buy one upon my return to NZ and found myself searching on the internet.  This is when I realised I love this business.  Here’s why:

1.  Great product – the machine range are simple, look great and meet a growing need for home made cafe style coffee.

2.  Once you buy the machine you are hooked for the life of the machine into buying the coffee capsules that go with the machine.  Unlike other coffee machines you can’t just use any coffee beans … you have to use the Nespresso capsules.  So this machine comes with a built in ‘back end’.  My favourite business strategy.  Much like buying a printer … you pay a bit for the machine itself, and then continue to pay for the ink that fits the machine.  Clever!

3. The company has built a capsule collection and recycling system into their business model.  Your used capsules are collected when the new ones are delivered (you order them online) and the aluminium re-used.  Environmentally friendly too.  I like this!

4. The company has a sustainablity program which works with small farmers in coffee growing countries to help them improve the sustainability and productivity of their farms, while maintaining the highest quality coffee.  A company with a caring, make a difference philosophy that sees it make a difference to the world.  Liking this.

5.  The company is global and provides the same experience in all countries it operates in via the internet… it’s systemised, well thought through and well implemented.

6.  The brand shows through when you visit their website – it’s slick and their commitment to caring about the customer, the planet and the production of their coffee is obvious.

7. They’ve got George Clooney featuring in their ad campaign.  How could coffee ever look sexier???????? Brilliant.  Sold to the lady dreaming of a George Clooney moment over my gluten free muesli.

Take a look

You might not want to buy their machine and their coffee, but you can admire the business model.  It ticks my boxes anyway.  A great role model for businesses looking to grow with a sustainable and caring business.

Now which machine shall I order… what do you think George?