Roaring out of a recession – Learn what the 9% of Post Recession Winners did right

March 16, 2020Post by Laura Humphreys

How to be a post-recession winner …

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who woke up on Monday morning with no small amount of fear in my belly about what’s coming next, right?

A pandemic that closes entire countries is frightening enough. And now we are heading into a recession of unknown proportions too. It’s bloody scary for everyone. As business owners we really do feel like we’ve walked into a scene from Alice in Wonderland, where everything is surreal and nothing is the same as it was only a moment ago.

So what do we do?

How do we survive a recession, and come out the other end stronger than ever?

I have some of my own opinions – but this morning as I sat in bed not sure I really wanted to face this week, my opinions didn’t seem enough. I wanted to find out more about companies that had not only successfully survived a recession, but also come out the other side on top.

So I started to google…

And an hour and a half later, still in my pyjamas, I found this article in Harvard Business Review … which I think is the best article of all about how to survive a recession because it’s research based (following 4,700 companies through three recessions), not opinion based.

Do you want to know what the 9% of companies who absolutely flourish after a recession do?

Read this article – click here – to find out.

And then commit to being a “post-recession winner”.

“The companies most likely to outperform their competitors after a recession are pragmatic as William James defined the term: “The attitude of looking away from first things, principles, ‘categories,’ supposed necessities; and of looking towards last things, fruits, consequences, facts.” The CEOs of pragmatic companies recognize that cost cutting is necessary to survive a recession, that investment is equally essential to spur growth, and that they must manage both at the same time if their companies are to emerge as post-recession leaders.”

This is a time to call upon wisdom not panic.  To be pragmatic not too defensive or aggressive. Can this be you?

This morning I made a commitment to be the most useful that I can possibly be to business owners through what will no doubt be a roller coaster  ride of scream worthy proportions for many of us.  So I’m going to continue to explore and share winning strategies and tactics, and create content to inspire and cheer, as well as empathise.  I want to help you be a pragmatic leader that sees opportunity in the chaos.

If you’d like to hear more from me and be part of the wisdom not panic tribe… feel free to email me and tell me what support you could really do with right now.

Let’s keep positive and stay together through this!