The Acceler8me Group Programme
With award winning author and mentor Laura Humphreys


The Acceler8me Group Programme has been designed for business owners who are 110% committed to the success of their business and bold enough to build a business that can fulfill all of your dreams – from both a financial and personal satisfaction perspective.

Let’s see if this is you. How many of the following boxes can you tick?

  • You want to grow your business as fast as you can and reach your exit goal sooner rather than later.
  • You want to learn from the best and be inspired by people who have proven their skills as a business person.
  • You want to build a business that is best in class and gives you a great feeling of pride and satisfaction.
  • You want to surround yourself with likeminded people who will challenge you and encourage you to achieve your goals.
  • You want hands on mentoring as well as practical feedback and guidance as you build your business.
  • You want help with the tricky aspects of business and advice when you need it on call.
  • You want to be rich and free to pursue your life dreams.
  • You want to make a difference along the way and use your success to help others.

If you can tick more than five of the above then there’s a very good chance you are going to LOVE the Acceler8me Group. Its sole purpose is to give you all of these things, faster than you’d ever achieve them alone.

Here’s how the programme is structured:

  • Kick off with a two day intensive workshop (yes it will be intense… but you can handle it, it’s right up your alley I promise) where you will be asked to present your exit plan, vision, end goal and milestones (based on exercises you will be sent prior to the workshop) and have myself and the group work on them with you until they make your heart sing with excitement. Then we’ll move on to your 12 – 18 month business plan: poking, prodding and shaping it until it oozes success from every page. Before the end of the workshop you’ll be itching to get back and put it all into action. Your enthusiasm will be so catchy you’ll have the people you love back home singing the joys of business with you that night!

    But that’s not the end of the excitement, oh no …

    Because from that moment on you will have that same motivated group of like-minded business owners behind you for the next 12 months. Yes, this is a 12 month programme and you MUST commit for the full 12 months. And boy what a year it will be!

  • Every quarter you will have a one day strategy workshop with the same business owners to work through the key disciplines required for total business success. We will study the strategies used by those who have achieved their dream life through business and discuss how well you are working these in your business. This will be ‘master class’ level work, driving as deep as we can into the blocks and opportunities facing your business.

    And still the excitement goes on…

  • In between workshops you will have one on one sessions with me either in person or online, when we will review your progress against your plan and deal with any strategic issues you are grappling with.

  • And every month you will also meet with your ‘buddy’ on Skype to share goals, support and encourage (and push) each other to be the best you can be in business. This person will be selected for you during the weekend workshop and will be there for you for the full 12 months.

  • You also have unlimited access to me by phone or email for the entire 12 month period. So help is always on tap when you need it most, and believe me, I know how valuable that can be when you are in the all too often lonely position of running your own business.

    This will be 12 months you will never forget. The Acceler8me Programme will get you clearer than you’ve ever been on where your business is taking you (or rather where you are taking it!). You will feel more motivated and better supported than you have before. And you will also be challenged and pushed to go further than you would go alone. As I read on a poster recently, “I’m not saying it will be easy, but I am saying it will be worth it”.

    Does this sound like the programme you have been looking for?

    I hope so! Here’s the next step… Complete the form below to find out the details of the next Acceler8me Programme – including dates, investment and eligibility.

    Look forward to talking with you very soon.


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    “I have found Laura Humphreys to be an excellent mentor who has created successful businesses from scratch. Using that wealth of experience she provides the tools and practical advice so you can develop a business that will ultimately set you free. Starting with a powerful strategic plan with a clear vision of the end goal has helped me make bigger better decisions in my business. A great deal of business owners get caught up in the trap of turning their business into a poorly, or even well paid job – Laura will help you turn it into a business that someone else will want. It’s powerful stuff.”