Even the Lone Ranger needed
Tonto as his guide.

Here’s the thing – smart people get experienced people to guide them. Blind enthusiasm does
not match vision and experience. Business is a game. The winners get there faster with help from
those who’ve played and won before.

Liber8 Your Business with the best
mentoring programs available

Liber8me offers three levels of mentoring depending
on your budget and determination to succeed.

Online, Group, One on One,
You choose.

  • Online Mentoring

    Videos. Workbooks. Tips.
    Advice. Group forum

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  • Group Mentoring

    Mentoring. Support.
    Inspiration. Challenge.

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  • One on One Mentoring

    Intense monthly guidance
    from the best.

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Here’s what business owners are saying
about the Liber8me Programs:

“I met Laura 3 years ago when she gave an inspiring and entertaining presentation on her path to entrepreneurial success – with all the highlights and dramas en route! Further to my encounter with Laura I signed up to her Liber8me online programme. This 12 month progamme gave excellent insights, presentations and plenty of homework on all aspects of running a business from sales and finance to operations and marketing. The lessons learnt were all readily transferable to my business.”
“When I needed the next level of mentoring, Laura’s Acceler8me programme was the answer. The one-on-one coaching with Laura has been invaluable. She has excellent commercial acumen and she asks the challenging questions that push me as a business owner to achieve the desired results. Laura is able to do this because she knows my business intimately.”
“Laura is a business mentor extraordinaire! A business mentor who has actually done what most business owners want – create freedom from their businesses. She does not talk theory, or give out lists of books to read – she gives practical advice that works and pushes her clients to create incredible, successful and profitable businesses. She is relatable and challenging and I would recommend her to anyone that wants to create true success and freedom!”