Liber8tv is on its way!

August 5, 2010Post by Laura Humphreys

Talking about leverage

Exciting times…the birth of Liber8tv is not that far away it seems. Thanks to the lovely people at 90secondstv I now have a film crew following me around on my quest to interview successful business people. My plan is to create an online tv channel hosting chat show interviews aimed at small business owners/owner operators looking to learn about growing a business.

The first successful business person to be interviewed for Liber8tv was Mike Brunel of NRS Media. Mike talked about sales and about leverage, the art of taking a core component of what you do well in your business and finding a way to duplicate it so it no longer relies on you. I love the story behind NRS Media’s media sales system that now operates all around the world. Mike watched his business partner perform the same sales seminar over and over again, he wrote down everything he said and did, then build a series of manuals around it. The company was able to sell the system to media companies worldwide and now has offices in Sydney, Toronto, Atlanta and London. With 175 staff and a CEO based in Sydney who runs the show, Mike truly understands the concept of leverage. I can’t wait to see the interviews, when the clever production people have finished with them. In the meantime, I can show you a picture of Mike and I in front of the camera. Smile!