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  • What readers are saying:

    “As Laura says so eloquently in this delightful book, and as Nike says so well, read it, and just do it — Every small business owner should!” Michael E. Gerber, NY Rimes Best Selling Author of The E-Myth”
    “Liber8 Your Business is an important book for business owners serious about preparing their business to become a saleable asset. It provides information and a step-by-step guide on how to structure your business in a way that it will run without you. It also describes the key factors that will determine its value in the market place.”
    “Laura and Liber8 Your Business provide an inspirational story of a truly pioneering woman who had the courage to pave the entrepreneurial pathway with their lessons and insights, so that my journey may be less fraught. There is no doubt in my mind that in working through the exercises in this book, I now have the information I need to turn my fledging on-line hospitality network into the global opportunity I visualize it to be and ultimately obtain the financial freedom I desire.”
    “Liber8 Your Business gives business owners the tools to develop a powerful strategic business plan. Not just a plan to throw into the top drawer and dust off in 3 years but one which will grow you out of the day to day running of your business. Starting by visualizing your business as a large enterprise with departments and staff is empowering. Laura sets out the steps required to take that dream/vision and implement the reality of financial freedom. A must read.”
  • Do you have a really clear vision for your future business? Have you worked out how it will pay you back for all your hard work?
    If you want to have a clear business plan, feel more confident, understand the fundamentals of business better… and ultimately build a business worth a lot of money, Liber8 your Business is a must read.
    Liber8 your Business shows you a proven formula for creating a valuable, saleable business that is not dependent on you.

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    About the author

    Laura Humphreys

    Laura Humphreys started her working career as a secretary. She went on to build and sell a number of businesses, using a formula that she now teaches business owners around the world. Laura’s business and life journey has been full of highs and lows, her lessons well learned and her stories full of experience. Laura says, ‘if a secretary can build a multi million dollar business, anyone can’. Her first book, Liber8 Your Business, shows you how to apply Laura’s formula right now to build a business that will ultimately bring you the financial freedom you deserve.

    Laura shares her experiences and tips with business owners all the time.
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