Daily small mentoring business tip – You will fail!

November 23, 2011Post by Laura Humphreys

Here’s a business truth.  In the lifetime of your business you will fail at something important.  This could be hiring the wrong person.  Choosing the wrong direction.  Trusting a client who rips you off.  Or just trusting your own judgement.  And your failure will cost you money.  You cannot be in business and get it right every time.  The odds are against you.  What makes or breaks a business owner’s success is their ability to cope with failure… to keep the self flagellation to a minimum and the learning to the maximum.  The lesson for today is embrace your mistakes, learn from your failures and know that you are a good business person if you are not afraid to get it wrong.. sometimes.

From the desk of liber8yourbusiness.  Small business mentors and experts in exit strategies.  Wellington, New Zealand.