Daily Business Mentor Tip – Tomorrow is another day

December 19, 2011Post by Laura Humphreys

Being a business owner can suck sometimes.  The stress of being all things to all people, wanting everything to be perfect and feeling like you are the only one who can fix it all… this will make you feel like throwing it all in sometimes.  There have been times in my business career when I have been envious of the check out girl at the supermarket because at the end of her shift she gets to go home and forget it all.  As business owners we bring our business worries everywhere with us.

But here’s the tip of the year… it always works out in the end.  I learned this the hard way after nearly driving myself into a nervous breakdown with one of my businesses.  Whatever happens, you do survive it and in most cases the worst case scenario never happens.  Take a deep breath, let it go and if you are feeling really, really stressed about something… don’t do anything until the next day.  Tomorrow always shows the brighter side of things.

Polyanna signing out!

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