Daily Business Mentor tip – Have a laugh!

December 4, 2011Post by Laura Humphreys

I took an former colleague and long time friend with me to the Awards night last Friday.   I met Julie Powell in the advertising world and like me she went on to build her own agency and just like me she sold it to the Ogilvy Group and is now helping businesses with her consulting work.  Two peas in a pod for sure!  Julie and I have always enjoyed working together.  Mainly because no matter what we’ve been working on we have had a laugh.  I asked Julie for a tip for my daily business mentor blog and should not have been surprised when she answered, “My tip is to make sure you always have a laugh.  If you don’t have fun it gets too hard.  Life is to short not to enjoy what you do”.   She’s right you know.

So the exercise for today is to enjoy your work and be sure to have fun.

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