Daily Business Mentor Tip – Create a wall of fame

December 7, 2011Post by Laura Humphreys

I’d like to credit Mike Brunel for this tip.  Mike lead the seminar on sales in the liber8yourbusiness online seminar programme.   Director of NRS Media (www.nrsmedia.com) and founder of Talking Media Sales, the blog and website for media salespeople www.talkingmediasales.com Mike  is a sales guru from way back.  He’s also a great teacher.  Here’s just one of the 17 sales tips in his liber8yourbusiness Seminar, Sales 101.

Identify the attributes of your ideal client (use your most favourite current client as your example).  Then make a list of all the clients in your industry who match this profile.  Write these names on post its or on a white board…. make ‘Your Wall of Fame”.  Make sure its visable to the people involved in sales in your company Then set a goal with your team to turn these names into clients.

In future tips I’ll give you some strategies to help you convert prospects into clients.

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