Daily Business Mentor Tip – Be willing to be wealthy

December 5, 2011Post by Laura Humphreys

One thing that very successful business people have in common is that they’re wealth positive not money negative. By this I mean that they see wealth as a good thing and do not believe to have money is to be greedy.  They are not frightened to build a business that makes them phenomenally wealthy.  Are you?  Or are you really saying to yourself that you are not in it for the money?  Do you believe you can be successful in business if you are not in it for the money at some level?  Business is about delivering a return on investment to its shareholders (that’s you by the way).  As a Director of your company, you have a fiduciary duty to deliver financial return to yourself as a shareholder.  With your shareholder’s hat on it, how would you feel about a CEO who said to the Board that he wasn’t in it to make money?

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