Daily Business Mentor Tip – Be like a bee!

December 1, 2011Post by Laura Humphreys

You may have noticed from my daily rants that I am a big fan of leverage.  The concept of doing more with less in your business. Which fundamentally means that ultimately you do not do the work.  I love this picture. It’s a picture of a Queen Bee and I think those are eggs in her head. I’m sorry my understanding of bee anatomy isn’t that great!  But we all know what the Queen Bee does, or rather what the Queen Bee doesn’t do … and that’s work! The Queen Bee sits around in the hive and the worker bees do all the work, they feed her, they make the honey and they grow the hive.  She’s got a great system and she’s got an excellent team.  She trusts her workers to do the job and they never let her down.  I think every small business owner can learn a lot from the Queen Bee, the Queen of Leverage!

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