Business Mentoring Tip#55 – Imagine your are Apple for a day

April 16, 2012Post by Laura Humphreys

I was up at the crack of dawn to work on my book again this morning.  The chapter I’m working on is called “Driving value through your brand” and I find myself studying the great brands of our time to demonstrate some of the points I’m making.  You can’t really write a chapter on branding without looking at Apple.  And you can’t look at the Apple brand without thinking about the core driver of this brand.


Apple’s positioning line is ‘Think Different’  and these two simple words drive everything the company is about.  And in an instant they explain why this company is so successful.  Things are moving so fast right now in the world of technology and business.  Nothing is what it was six months ago even.   The companies who embrace change and implement new ideas quickly are the ones who will flourish.

Steve Jobs was exploring and looking new ideas right up until he died.  Here’s a quote from him I found,

“So when a good idea comes, you know, part of my job is to move it around, just see what different people think, get people talking about it, argue with people about it, get ideas moving among that group of 100 people, get different people together to explore different aspects of it quietly, and, you know – just explore things.”

My tip for you today is to spend an hour or two this week thinking differently about your business.  If you were to embrace the culture of Apple, just for a moment, how could you be the most innovative company in your industry?