Business Mentoring Tip #59 – Hire people you never want to fire

May 2, 2012Post by Laura Humphreys

Just finished Chapter 16 of The Liber8 Factor – how to hire people you never want to fire.  Some awesome tips thanks to my good friend Lindsay Jackson who has already built and sold two very successful recruitment companies and is now onto her third.  Lindsay lives and breathes recruitment so I’m taking her tips as gospel.

As Lindsay says, “the right fit makes you money, the wrong fit loses you money”.  So getting it right is critical and yet not that easy to do.   In my book I share with you in detail the 10 steps to hiring the right person.  In my blog you get a little taster … getting it right comes down these 10 things:

1.  Writing a great job description

2. Writing a great recruitment ad

3.  Where you put that ad

4. How you manage the process

5.  How well you interview your A list

6. How well you select the candidate after the interviews

7. How well you check them out

8.  How well you negotiate the offer

9.  How good your contract is

10.  How good your induction is…

As you can see, it ain’t easy!  But if you get it right you will never regret it.  Hold out for my book to get the detailed instructions for each step… coming soon!

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