Business Mentoring Tip #53 – What does your logo say about you?

April 9, 2012Post by Laura Humphreys

What values do you think of when you see this symbol – the logo for Mercedes Benz? Quality and luxury right? You know what this brand stands for just from its logo.  Just like you know that a swoosh tick logo stands for a just do it attitude.  Right?

Do you know why this is?  Because these companies have spent millions and millions on telling you exactly what their brand stands for by every single thing they do.  Mercedes Benz cars are stunning down to the last detail.  They are expensive.  They are for wealthy people.  We know this even if we’ve never been in one.  We’ve seen it in the advertising.  We’ve seen it when a Mercedes drives by with a smart looking guy in a suit, or a glamorous woman looking like she can take on the world.  Mercedes attracts the customers that love the luxury and prestige that goes with their brand.

Nike has invested years and dollars in that swoosh tick we know so well.  The logo represents a brand that we all know has an attitude we aspire to.  Nike stands for the challenge of feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  No excuses.  Just get out there and make it happen.   This is the attitude that drives the company, the culture, the advertising and every single thing that Nike does.

The key point I’m making here is that a logo is just a logo.  It is the brand that gives it meaning.  And brand is a core driver in creating a valuable business.

What does your brand stand for?  What does your logo really mean?  What values would you want people to associate with your logo every time they see it?  Think about these questions.  Then think about what you need to do to make your brand so strong people would know exactly what your company stood for just by looking at your logo.

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