Business mentoring question for the day… what is your technology light bulb?

May 14, 2011Post by Laura Humphreys

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and night in Christchurch this week.  As well as being very thankful that I had a lovely night sleep with no after shocks (I had been warned and briefed on what to do by nearly everyone I met), it was rewarding as ever to spend time with smart, passionate business women who invest their time and money in their business education.  The topic of my workshop and talk was using technology to decrease your businesses dependence on YOU.  I had to confess right up front that I am not a geek by any means and that many people who know me would laugh incredulously to hear me giving a presentation on using technology.  I love technology not because I understand it but because of what it can do for my businesses.  A bit like the light bulb and electricity… I don’t know how they work but I love the benefit they bring my life.

At the workshop and the evening talk we discussed how technology has revolutionised how businesses are run.  And as we watch on the news the slow demise of NZ Post shops across the country, we all know in our hearts that the world of paper communication in business is becoming a distant memory.   When my business partner and I founded Pet Angels 4 years ago we ordered a few reams of printed letterhead.  We haven’t re-ordered yet.  We just don’t use paper.   All of our business systems are conducted online – from our sophisticated search and pay booking system, to our invoicing, payroll, cumstomer communications and staff management.  We don’t need an office and the entire business can be run by a few people working a few hours a day.  That’s technology.  That’s what it does for you.

I have been flying up and down the country every week for most of this year.  I love how I can walk into the airport and book myself in with the swipe of a card, chuck my bag on the conveyor belt and make my way merrily to the Koru Club to use their free internet and increasingly improved coffee (all free if you don’t include the $500 to join each year!).  Remember the days when you had to queue for someone to process your ticket and paperwork?

Technology is making it easier than ever to re-engineer your business for increased efficiency.  So my question of the day for you is this… what technology could you introduce to your business that would decrease its dependency on people, especially YOU?