Business Mentor Tip #88 – Business is a roller coaster – strap in for the ride of your life!

June 26, 2013Post by Laura Humphreys

roller coasterThere are some fundamental truths about owning a business that apply regardless of what you are selling.  One of these is something I’m not sure every business owner realizes when they set out – business is not an easy ride. And like the Superman ride at Movie World, it is not for the faint hearted!

There will be times when you are on such a high your adrenalin is surging faster than Niagara Falls.  And other times when the bottom drops out of your world and you will feel sick with worry.  Winning a new piece of business, especially if you’ve had to fight for it, will make you sing with delight.  Losing a piece of business the next day will make you weep with disappointment.

Sometimes you will love your team so much you want to kiss them all (best that you don’t though).  Other times you will be so frustrated you’ll want to kill them (definitely best you don’t).   You’ll have ideas that work and bring you money.  And ideas that suck and lose you money.  You’ll feel your chest burst with pride when you meet targets.  And slink around with your tail between your legs when you fail to meet targets.

You will be clear and on purpose one day.  And lost in the fog of confusion the next.

Like I said, it’s a roller coaster.  As a lovely serial entrepreneur friend said to me recently, “business is not a fairy tale”.  It’s real and it’s tough.

 So what do you do about it?


Secondly, have a strong vision and purpose for why you are in business and where it’s taking you.  Strong enough that it will pull you out from under your duvet on the stinkiest of days.

Thirdly, buckle in and enjoy the ride.  Celebrate the highs. Scream with delight as you reach the top and feel you could conquer the world.   Breathe through the lows.  By all means indulge in a brief wallow of self pity when you bottom out, but know that another high is coming.  Focus on the big picture, remember why you are here and trust all will be OK.  From experience I can tell you, everything always works out OK in the end. Kia Kaha.  Stay strong my friend.


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