Business Mentor Tip #67 – Practice persistently persisting with your persistence

June 6, 2012Post by Laura Humphreys

Ok Ok, enough already!  But I have a point to make (of course) and that is this… you cannot succeed in business without the persistence chip well and truly embedded in your body.  I will use one oldie but very goodlyy example of how persistence pays off and then I’ll set you a challenge for the week.

My example is the often story of Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  At age 65, after he had to shut down his restaurant business because a new highway was being built where his restaurant was located, the Colonel decided to franchise his chicken recipe.  He travelled by car and cooked his fried chicken on the spot for restaurant owners.  Legend has it that Colonel Sanders heard 1009 “no’s” before he heard “yes”.  Can you believe that?  He was turned down one thousand and nine times before he sold something.  Within a few years he had 600 franchises and today KFC is one of the largest food franchises in the world.  Talk about persistence!

And now for the challenge.  The next time you try to sell something… anything… an idea, a product, your pick for a restaurant for lunch… practice your persistence… don’t give up!