Traits of the Rich & Free #10 – Desire to give back

Here’s the final of my 10 Traits of the Rich & Free (have a look under categories Traits of the Rich & Free if you want to see the other 9 again).   This is my favourite trait and the one which I believe makes the fundamental difference between fly by night would be entrepreneurs, speculators or dealers and the true wealthy entrepreneur who creates long term sustainable success.   The true entrepreneur in my view has a desire to give back.  Yes they are in business to create wealth.  And yes they know that business is ultimately means creating profit for the shareholders.  But they are also driven by a desire to make a difference along the way.  They create businesses that change paradigms, break molds and forge new frontiers.  They improve the market they operate in by providing new, exciting and needed products or services.  They seek to improve the lives of people who touch their business in some way.  They want to add value to their employees and their customers as well as their shareholders.  And as their business grows and starts to generate more income for them, they look to see where else they can add value to the world.

I love meeting successful entrepreneurs because they are always happy to share their knowledge and their time.  They are willing to help other business people towards achieving success also.  Just look at the world’s most successful business people… Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey… they are not only billionaires, they are people who give generously back to the world.  Their businesses make a difference to the world and then they use their wealth to make a difference too.

This is the true aim of business – to make a difference to as many people as possible along the way, then use the wealth created to make more of a difference by giving back.